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Dear CSMA Blue Ribbon Panelist:


Thank you for agreeing to be a judge for the 2024 SVG/NACDA College Sports Media Awards.  You and the other highly qualified judges will be serving in the important phase of selecting winners.

When the process is over we would like to get your feedback about the entries and the judging process so that we can make improvements for next year.  



You will be assigned entries to judge, based on Division or Category.  There are 8 Overall Divisions and 33 individual categories in total.

Your judging assignments will be made based on your area of expertise.  In some cases you will judge all the categories within a Division.  In others, you will judge only 1 category across several Divisions.

We are using a unified platform, and the entry description, video and voting are all done in the same place.

You will judge based on the quality of the production, storytelling, announcing, editing, directing and overall consumer experience.  You will be asked to provide each entry a raw score (1-5) and rank (1-5) in order of Most Favorite to Least Favorite 


NOTE: We do pre-screen the entries but if you find a problem or issue please contact me at tbuffolano@gmail.com as soon as possible so I can promptly address the problem or issue.



Because the volume of entries is so great, Round 1 Judges will be will be emailed Worksheets for the Division and Categories that you will be judging.  You should print out a copy of the Worksheet to be used for your notes and your tentative scores. 

1. All the entries are divided into Divisions (Professional, College Conferences and Governing Bodies, Collegiate Athletics - Power, Collegiate Athletics - Championship, Collegiate Athletics - All Schools, Collegiate Student - Power, Collegiate Student - Championship, Collegiate Student - All Schools) and by Category (Live Game Production, Live Non-Game Programming, Special Features (Scriipted and Unscripted), Social Media Video and In-Venue Video)

2. You may be/have been assigned one or more of these Divisions to judge.  

3. Since 2016, our platform makes judging easier since all of the entry information and videos are contained on one form AND you will score/ rank through the same form.

4. After you login, links to the categories that you are judging are found under "My Judging Assignments" Link on the left side of this page.



You should save these printed Worksheets with your Ranks and notes in case we have a problem with the voting and also to be used to debrief you so we can make improvements and suggestions to the entrants for next years’ awards.



Your judgment in scoring the entry should be based on CONTENT, CREATIVITY and EXECUTION and in the case of the Live Game Production category, NOT on the Game itself.



There will be 2 STEPS to your scoring of the entries in each category.


Step 1 - Provide Each Entry with a Raw Score of 1 (Highest) to 5 (Lowest)

Entries can receive the same score.  You may want to view all your assigned submissions prior to completing final scoring.  You can change your scores at any time prior to your final submission.

Step 2 - Rank the Best Entries in Order of 1-5 (1 -Most Favorite to 5) 

Entries that you rank 1 - 5 cannot receive the same rank.  Note - all the entries in the category should be ranked. Most entries will not be worthy of Top 5, they will be ranked with a "0".

Finalist Scoring (Round 2)

Step 1 – Rank Each Entry in the Category in Order 1 -N (1 - Most Favorite to N- Least Favorite) 

Each category may have a different number of entries, so you must give each an individual rank.  Give #1 to your First Choice, #2 to your Second Choice, etc until you have ranked all the entries.  There may be as many as 10 FINALISTS in any category, SO RANK 6, 7, 8, 9,10, etc.  DO NOT GIVE THE SAME RANK TO MORE THAN 1 ENTRY.




All votes will be submitted through the online form.  Once you have completed judging all the entries in a category, please advise me ASAP.



Thank you for your participation.  This is now the 15th year of the College Sports Media Awards so your input and suggestions would be appreciated.


Please contact me if you have any questions or issues.



Tom Buffolano