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Welcome to the 2018 SVG/NACDA College Sports Media Awards!!

    ALERT - Entry Deadline has been extended to midnight (EDT) April 25th!!

    This is your home page.  Please bookmark it.

    You can navigate to your entries from here, rules are also posted above.

    Here is what is new in 2018:


    For those who have entered the SVG/NACDA College Sports Media Awards, please note some key changes to the rules and entry procedures:

    -       Submission Period Changed: New, Earlier Open Date and Deadline

    The opening of the entry window has been moved up to February 1, 2018 and the deadline to submit entries has been moved up to April 23, 2018. NEW DEADLINE!!!

    -       Live Social Media Material Accepted
    Beginning this year, we are accepting entries that were designed primarily for social media distribution, both live and pre-produced. This includes live games or live non-game productions intended for airing on Facebook Live, Periscope, etc.

    Click here to submit your entry!


    Please keep in the mind that specific key guidelines need to be followed for your entry to be eligible for judging. Some of the key reminders before submitting your entries are as follows:

    -       Entry Eligibility Period

    Entries must have originally aired, been made available for download or streaming, or exhibited in public between March 1, 2017 and April 5, 2018.

    -       Entry Deadline

    The final deadline for all entries is April 23, 2018

    -       Differences Between the Two “Live” Categories

    Entries in the Live Game Production are for live games only. Entries featuring other live events such as Coach’s Shows, Press Conferences, Studio Shows, live social media Q&As, and the like, should be submitted in the newly named Live Non-Game Production category.

    -       Entries in the “Live” Categories May Not Exceed Five Minutes

    Any segment of a live production entered in either of the live categories must be five minutes or less

    -       Entries in the “Live” Categories Must Feature All Live Content

    All submissions in these categories must feature entirely live material. No opens, teases, or features should be included in the sampling.

    -       Program Series Entries Must Feature Clips from Three Different Shows

    An entry for the Program Series category should include excerpts from a minimum three different shows with the total running time of all combined not to exceed 10 minutes.

    -       Special Feature Entries May Not Exceed Eight Minutes

    Entries in the Special Feature category are not to exceed eight minutes in length.

    -       Special Feature Cannot Be an Excerpt From a Full Program.

    To qualify as a Special Feature, the entry must be a complete separate program element with a beginning, middle and end and not a segment of a longer program.

    -       CSMA Entrants Receive Free Admission to the SVG College Sports Summit

    Any party entering a submission to the SVG/NACDA College Sports Media Awards is eligible to attend the SVG College Sports Summit (May 30-June 1, 2018, Atlanta) for free.

    Now that you are registered, its time to submit your entries.

    Submit in a few easy steps:

    • When you begin the submission process, you will complete a submission form for each of your entries, which includes video upload.
    • Please note that each submission video must be uploaded separately and contain your name, contact information and the Division, Category and title of the video. Please also include the production staff and the final running time.
    • Be sure to read through the official rules to ensure your video’s category and eligibility.


    Video should be in either .asx or .mp4 format.

    The deadline to enter is April 23rd (NEW DATE) and The 2018 SVG/NACDA CSMA Awards Ceremony is May 31, 2018 in Atlanta at The Omni Hotel.

    If you do not complete your entries at once, you can go back to the same forms to compete them.  You can also edit the submission if you need to.

    Any submissions that are not paid by April 30th will NOT be entered into the judging rounds, unless there are special circumstances OR